John Foley: The other inconvenient truth. Yet another convincing look into the subject of global warming from those that have the drive to study and contribute to the effort of bringing our heating planet back in balance. Enjoy, thanks TED.

Long ago, while in school, I did a simple report on global warming. Read aloud to the class and showed a pie graph of the contributing factors. Most of what I remember was the releasing of methane gas from farm land and the cutting of the forest canopy. Little has changed, only the size of the subjects audience. Back then the only one to give some appreciation was the teacher, who knew that just because we mere students and teacher were powerless to make any significant difference, the underlying troubles would only compound.

Well here we are, after much compounding, looking at things with the highest technological advances, thinking what in hell is going on. Its been a while since “An Inconvenient Truth” blasted off confirming the newest market and tax break incentive now known as the green market. Oil aside, the weather is just a day by day occurrence, that may slow the traffic down to your place of work. What a hassle.

Rooting always for the underdog, nature is alive and well, and without trees to filter, or cleanse, the migration of deadly strains of bugs and unforgiving species (like the pine tree beetle) will soon find a collective way to devastate our planet (not that were not doing a great job ourselves). There are genetically modified organisms in the wild now to do natures purist dance; battling each other for genetic superiority.

So just to be short, we are making this world change each and every day, so that only the most adverse will survive. Having a collective voice for better, cleaner change sounds great, if only we were in charge. Just as the labeling of GMO’s may or may not pass this year on the ballet, so is our cultures ability to survive this wrath of nature we call agriculture. Hopefully by now you agree that both global warming and toxic foods in your gut are real.